Who we are?

Felek notebooks are inspired by Ethiopia’s long history of producing handmade books. Drawing from this rich past, we looked at the different methods of constructing notebooks and experimented with the various types of stitching, binding and cover designs, allowing us to be innovative. Combining traditional artisanship with contemporary and ecofriendly designs, Felek was born.

Felek is a testament to the fact that our history and heritage is not something we shake off as we move into the present. It enriches our identity and we carry it where ever we go.



High Quality, Original Product

Moreover, we also aimed for our products to have a positive impact on the lives of Ethiopians
across Ethiopia. The natural impact path for us was education. We created a series of culturally
inspired exercise books to donate to rural areas across Ethiopia were the cost of learning
materials negatively affects school attendance. We pair the sale of each leather- bound notebooks
with a donation of eight exercise books. As our product portfolio grew, we are also in the process
of creating storybooks and other at home learning material to be part of a mobile library.
The positive traction in our 5 years of operations led us to a partnership with the center of
excellence in Ethiopia to train TVET teachers on our process. This is intended to equip TVET
graduates with the necessary skills to excel in their field.

Why Choose Us

Good quality doesn’t have to come attached with a steep price. We acknowledge the stresses of staying on-budget and at the same time acquire good quality chattels. Our products are locally sourced and produced that reduces the price dramatically. We work to produce the best possible results within a reasonable budget.
The leather we use in our products is not only sourced from local tanneries but it is a bi-product of the meat industry. Our conference bags series aim to encourage the positive representation of
our continent. Our notebooks are produced and marketed by utilizing local resources in Ethiopia. Our artisanal-inspired designs make our products unique and one of a kind. A product that you can take anywhere and is beautiful to behold; our designs meet practical and functional needs.
Felek aims to create products that can help limit the current level of environmental depletion and contribute to ensuring the future of the planet. We learned the basics of recycling when we noticed how much waste paper we had in our printing press, which then prompted us to start making notebooks. We use leather from local tanneries that source their raw leather from farms. Our tanneries adhere to ethical standards of waste disposal and tan their leather using vegetable
We continuously improved our designs for our products to preserve and enhance their local identity, uniqueness and at the same time be practical in use. Felek products can be customized with your company logo, name or anything that grants you the representation you desire. Our products can be engraved with what you require to make your items even more yours. Felek notebooks, bags and conference bags are handmade in Ethiopia. Felek will be a place you can incubate your ideas and be creative.