Note Books

Felek notebooks are inspired by Ethiopia’s long history of producing handmade books. Drawing from this rich past, we looked at the different methods of constructing notebooks and experimented with the various types of stitching, binding and cover designs, allowing us to be innovative. Combining traditional artisanship with contemporary and ecofriendly designs, Felek was born.

Felek is a testament to the fact that our history and heritage is not something we shake off as we move into the present. It enriches our identity and we carry it where ever we go.



High Quality, Original Product

Ethiopia’s history of craft but many African cultures and the abundant creative treasures available to us. Felek is a brand that recognizes these identities and brings African heritage into our contemporary era by reimagining and recreating Africa.

We hope elements of our identity will be passed on to future generations. Felek will be a platform that lets us gain a deep understanding of the cultural complexities that identify societies and groups, helping us develop means of discovering unifying elements in a world that is largely divided.

Our Process

We use in house recycled paper for our notebook inside cover and mixed paper for the interior pages. 

After deciding on the interior paper style, color, cover and size of the notebook we hand stich the recycled paper and the chosen cover together. 

Your company’s logo, personal message of key messages of your campaign will be embossed, foil printed or stitched in, according to your preference

recycle papers

Our Handbook Products

Customizing Options

Felek creates customized notebooks for both individuals and corporations. These notebooks can be used to tell your story and present your brand, support clients or commemorate an event or conference. Based on your requirements, these notebooks can be customized to have a company name or logo in screen print, foil print in gold or silver and leather debossing. The inside pages can also be tailored to include dates, schedules or any other specifications.

Engraving: A Felek Notebook can be customized with laser engraving with your company’s logo, name, or anything you require to make your notebook yours

Debossing: – Make your notebook especially yours by debossing a name or date on the front cover. This is available in both leather and recycled hardcovers.

Screen printing:- Felek can also be customized with a screen print of a logo, a year or a name, allowing your notebook to have all the special features your company embodies.