Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is key to Felek. As a social enterprise our overarching goal is not just making profit, it is generating profit while creating social impact. Aside from creating jobs and having a filial and respectful corporate culture, Felek is making efforts to put a dent in illiteracy and to increase the reach of education in disenfranchised sectors of the population. We do so by following a business model that promises to cover the cost of onestudent’s exercise book supply for an entire school year for every notebook purchase. In this manner,Felek hopes to reduce the educational problems faced by children in rural Ethiopia.

children in rural Ethiopia. In 2016 we managed to donate over 7,000 exercise books to 900 students. In 2017 thanks to the help of our faithful return individual purchasers and organizations ordering large orders we managed to secure 10,000 exercise books to 1,200 students of the Damot Offa School. In 2018 thanks to the help of our faithful return purchasers and organizations, we managed to secure 19,200 exercise books to 2,400 students of the Damot Offa School and in Afar, Gedamaytu primary School. We believe that it’s social partnerships like these that help change the world for the better. Felek believes through socially responsible business we can make a tangible difference.