My Felek




Social responsibility is key to Felek. As a social enterprise our overarching goal is not just making profit, it is generating profit while creating social impact. Aside from creating jobs and having a filial and respectful corporate culture, Felek is making efforts to put a dent in illiteracy and to increase the reach of education in disenfranchised sectors of the population. We do so by following a business model that promises to cover the cost of onestudent’s exercise book supply for an entire school year for every notebook purchase. In this manner,Felek hopes to reduce the educational problems faced by children in rural Ethiopia.


In today’s competitive job market, having only technical skills is not enough for a graduate to succeed. To stand out, graduates need to possess a combination of skills that complements their certification. For TVET graduates, this includes understanding industry trends, honing creative problem-solving abilities, producing high-quality output, and developing strong communication skills.

To address this issue, FELEK, in partnership with Productivity Improvement and Center of Excellence and Partnership for Change, has developed the DESIGN FOR DECENT WORK training program. The program is designed to equip TVET graduates and trainers with the necessary skills to meet the demands of the job market.

The program’s focus is on creating students who can adapt to an ever-evolving job market and be responsive to its changes. The curriculum currently does not address this challenge, but it is important to acknowledge its significance in empowering talent and driving local economic growth.


“Knowledge is a key to success!”