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Felek is an Amharic word that means planet. Within the word we found a concept that expresses our vission of creating products that positively impact our enviroment. We create culturally inspired prodcuts that emulate Ethiopia’s rich handcrafts and creative history.


What We Do

Felek combines traditional artisanship with contemporary ecofriendly designs. By drawing inspiration from African cultures, Felek hopes to reimagine and recreating a new Africa.Felek is making efforts to put a dent in illiteracy and to increase the reach of education in disenfranchised sectors of the population. We do so by following a business model that promises to cover the cost of one student’s exercise book supply for an entire school year for every notebook purchase.

Our Products



Felek notebooks are inspired by Ethiopia’s long history of producing handmade books.Combining traditional artisanship with contemporary and ecofriendly designs, Felek was born…



When we developed our bags, we wanted to create something that isn’t only visually unique but also functional keeping the same essence of Felek notebooks (our notebook products) and transfer them to these bags..

Conference Bags

As the African Union is based in our capital Addis Ababa, the city has become a destination for important African diplomatic events. With events likes these come the obligatory paraphernalia …

Why You Choose Us

Affordability /Price
Good quality doesn’t have to come attached with a steep price. We acknowledge the stresses of staying on-budget and at the same time acquire good quality chattels. 
Best Material/Quality Product
The leather we use in our products is not only sourced from local tanneries but it is a bi-product of the meat industry.
Environmentally Friendly
Felek aims to create products that can help limit the current level of environmental depletion and contribute to ensuring the future of the planet.
Latest Design /Design thinking
We continuously improved our designs for our products to preserve and enhance their local identity, uniqueness and at the same time be practical in use.

Our Works

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